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Welcome to the Official, Real, Genuine Taco Donkey Site!
Taco Donkey is the Charleston, South Carolina based, "Original Genre Rock" band that has quickly become the favored act amongst the Holy City Rock Scene. Agents have been telling us that based on their feedback from venues we have rocked .....we are the best original act in the state, so Taco Donkey fans....SADDLE UP!!!!!

To pass your time with other fun seeking original music lovers, come out and see Taco Donkey live, along with the other Holy City bands, visual artists , and comedians we associate with.

PLEASE FIND US ON FACEBOOK AT TACO DONKEY FAN PAGE to keep up with show dates, pictures and rants concerning all things TACO DONKEY!!!

TACO DONKEY SEZ "FREE MUSIC IS  KEY TO MAKING NEW FRIENDS"...Click on the link below to hear one of our most requested originals called Piece By Piece. (Mobile Users or Apple Users May Not Be Able To)

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